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In The Workshop


Most school leaders grow the hard way — challenge by challenge, making mistakes and learning from their years of experience. But you join The Workshop you accelerate your growth because you are connected with a cohort of leaders who will push you out of your comfort zone. 

In the Workshop, we focus on:

  • Your continuous growth as an educational leader

  • Challenging the status quo 

  • Designing the future of school

  • Balancing your individual needs like family and health

  • Strategic plan development

While no two challenges are the same, these are the topics frequently tackled in partnering with educational leaders:

Strategic Execution 

Bridging the Gap Between Strategic Planning & Activation

Starting with a compelling vision of what’s possible, I will partner with you to mobilize your people throughout the organization so they can see themselves as leaders and influencers, helping to bring strategy to life in all layers of the organization.

Operational Effectiveness 

Optimize at Scale 

Traditional improvement methods slow or reverse progress while sacrificing innovation for efficiency. Our approach gives you an external lens to the organization, focused on outcomes, your workforce, and uncovers new ideas framing the capacity to lead, innovate, and drive value while optimizing.

Culture + Climate

Vision & Strategy Cannot Succeed Without a Culture That Supports It 

Organizational culture is a powerful force in driving action, together we will drive intentional cultural change focused on your intended and aspirational values aligning to your mission and vision while creating an impactful employee and customer experience. 

Leadership Development 

Capability Building for Everyone

To drive lasting impact, you need more leaders throughout your organization but developing leaders is hard work. When working with me, we'll apply an approach to leadership development that leverages meaningful and tailored action-based learning opportunities to drive strategic results. And, most importantly, you'll see your leaders gain the depth necessary to advance sustainable change capabilities across your organization in a scalable way.

Learning + Professional Growth

Capacity Building for Everyone

Watch what happens to your organizational performance when you create the right environment to empower your employees so they grow and develop as individuals in their knowledge, skills, and capabilities. With this in mind, we'll design powerful career pathways syncing up with your strategy and mission.

Digital Transformation

Sustain Implementation 

Digital transformation is both a technology and people transformation. I'll partner with you to increase engagement, create transparency, and even ensure excitement for the new technology leveraging heightened change readiness to deliver the desired impact.

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